which is the best mode for point to point links

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which is the best mode for point to point links

David Goodenough-3
There are two choices for point to point links, master/managed and
ad-hoc.  On one level ad-hoc seems the obvious one as it avoids the
AP scanning for new clients etc, but ad-hoc connections seem to get
high numbers of collisions under high bi-directional load and so performance
suffers, with master/managed at least one end thinks it is in control.

I suppose that the new 802.11q stuff (I think I have the right letter) which
does things like bulk acks or even turns off wireless level acks would help
but then again does it apply to both modes?

I realise that stated like that this question is not strictly a madwifi
question, but I am implementing these links using madwifi so I am
quite happy to use settings that are madwifi specific.

Have there been any studies of this kind of problem?

It seems odd that there is not a mode designed for this, with just the two
stations, and a ping-pong like protocol where each side sends what it has
to send (to a limit) and then waits for a reply.  But then I suppose 802.11
was not really designed for point to point links.

Any ideas greatfully received,


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