deauthen after reauthen via radius

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deauthen after reauthen via radius

Hi all,
The AP & station are set up with WPA + RADIUS(EAP : PEAP) security mode(this also appeared when using RSN + RADIUS), AP & station use the same board with the same atheros chips -- AR9283, dirver is maybe an old madwifi , AP uses hostapd 0.7.3 & station uses wpa_supplicant 0.7.3.
The problem is that my AP & station can associate successfully , but when AP need station reauthen , the connection will break up when they are having the 4 way handshake.I set the reauthen time 100s and from the debug log I found hostapd wait for the fourth handshake packet until time out then send the deauthen frame to the station.But this problem didn't appear regularly, I have wait 10 minutes or maybe more than 30 minutes until the problem appears.I sniffered the packets in the air and what shot me was that the fourth handshake packet from station is on the air(because of the TKIP data , I judge the packets from their length by a comparation with the former packets).

In my opinion, this problem is coused by the madwifi.Maybe the madwifi send the wrong packet or decode the packet failed.After searched the google , I found this problem was already existed, some people give the problem description but not solution or something further.If this is an old bug , please help me to solve this.If you need mode information , I will provide them.

Thank you,

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