Problem Madwifi - I need 50% packet loss

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Problem Madwifi - I need 50% packet loss

francisco cardenas

Dear Sirs;


My name is Francisco Cárdenas, I'm a Spanish engineer and I write this email to find a solution to my problem with Madwifi.


I am currently working on a research for energy saving in the 802.11 standard and for that I have made a platform with two PCI card (DWL-G520) with atheros chipset. I also use Madwifi as driver.


The platform consists of the following: a card will act as AP and the other as station. This station must send a constant number of frames to the access point (eg, sample temperature). The access point can request a smaller amount of samples by the beacon frame to the station. To send fewer frames, I do not under the frecuency of sending of packets in the estation. What we really do is lower the transmission power (txpower) to have packet loss and save energy in the transmission (by IOCTL calls). The problem is that when I lose about 20% of packets the card quickly becomes unstable and starts to have 100% of packets loss. I then dynamically increase power, but takes time to stabilize (20 - 30 seconds).


I wish I had a 50% packet loss to increase the margin of my energy saving algorithm.


My question is if this problem (going from 20% to 100% loss packets) is due to Madwifi and if a parameter that can be changed.


The funny thing is that when there is a 100% loss and tries to send frames, the access point is receiving packets. Probably the card is not receiving acks.


Can you help me?


I would appreciate greatly. Thank you very much for everything.

Francisco Cárdenas

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