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Disable retries and ack

I'm an engineer student in the Nice University.
I do some research about Wifi.
I'd like to know how to disable retries and ack in madwifi driver.
I already have try to disable it with topic i found, but with no success.

I tried this :
Disabling ACK: In madwifi,
ath/if_ath.c file.
In function ath_tx_start(), write
just before call to ath_hal_setuptxdesc()
Also, write the following at the end of ath_reset() function.
#define AR5K_AR5212_DIAG_SW 0×8048
OS_REG_WRITE(ah, AR5K_AR5212_DIAG_SW, 0×00000002);
#undef AR5K_AR5212_DIAG_SW

and i tried to change the try0 value.

I'm using an Cisco Aironet 802.11A/B/G Wireless PCI with an ubuntu 11.10.
Thank you for your work.

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