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Atheros card problems

I too am absolutely new to LINUX so apologies if what I ask is really simple...

Like Jasper I have problems in connecting my Laptop (Zoostorm with Atheros
AR242X card.

I too get messages about kernel being tainted (is this because the driver is not
open? and also about rfkill capability being off.

Listing modules I see

stewart@stewart-laptop:~$ find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -name 'ath*'

Note the last which is in sub-folder /volatile/.  Is this significant?

My symptoms have been erratic connection to one Netgear 834G router;  no
connection at all to a similar router at another place.  
These routers work 100% OK with same laptop running Windows XP, so I suspect the
routers are OK.  

iwlist scan shows my router with good signal.

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