802.11a static turbo in Germany countrycode=276

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802.11a static turbo in Germany countrycode=276

Daniel Schmitt
Hello list,

I tried madwifi trunk from today and want to user static turbo mode in
802.11a outdoor in Germany on an i386 platform.
I already got this working on ar72xx routerstation platform. On this
platform "wlanconfig ath0 list freq" shows me channel 106 for example
for using static turbo. I think the driver uses closed source HAL.
Using this openwrt backfire release of madwifi (heavily patched r3314)
gives me segmentation faults doing "wlanconfig ath0 list freq". Using
the driver from trunk works but without static turbo mode.
Only if I use no countrycode I have some static turbo channels which
aren't allowed in Germany. This driver uses OpenHAL I think.

"iwpriv ath0 turbo 1" does not affect the functionality.

What must I do to only use static turbo mode in outdoor 5GHz channels in
Can I patch madwifi to support static turbo channels in 5GHz in outdoor
Why does channel 106 exist on ar72xx platform and not on i386?

I did not find any further information on


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